Max Field Services offer a wide range of surveillance CCTV security systems that are designed to suit almost any application requiring a view of a given location, and are able to specify the latest in camera design and operation through our partnerships with the major CCTV manufacturers. Our dedicated systems specialists have deep market knowledge and professional links with some of the leading industry experts and key suppliers. We are not a manufacturer and routinely scan the market for the most up to date technology, innovation and best practice when it comes to protecting your organisation, as demonstrated by our partnership. This is one of the latest technologies we’ve invested in to give you a better view of the activity around your premises.

Event Based Monitoring

1. Custom security appliances will be installed or existing cameras are used
2. Our security personnel will analyze the threat and deter intrusion if necessary
3. No false alarms to the owner as all events are analyzed by our personnel prior to Informing the owner or police
4. Custom software package (iVIGIL) provides prompt warning on potential theft
5. Virtual Guard Tours” of the facility at frequent intervals
6. Extremely affordable

Live Video Monitoring

1. Popular with over 5000 installations globally
2. Guaranteed theft prevention or your money back. (Guarantee)
3. Video streams from these security appliances are monitored real time by security personnel from a remote location
4. We install our custom pole / wall mounted mobile security appliances or use pre installed cameras
5. Our real time security monitoring systems are armed with police sirens, strobes and a PA Messaging system to function as deterrents for intruders

General Monitoring

1. Project Progress
2. Productivity Levels
3. Adherence to Safety Requirements
4. Timeliness of Arrivals and Departures
5. He-Said She-Said Disagreements
6. He-Said She-Said Disagreements